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What is Bitcoin?


Bitcoin is a digital decentralized currency which is also called “cash for the internet”. As opposed to traditional money it is not centrally handed out but managed by a peer-to-peer network. Everybody can be part of it and no central authority can control bitcoin. The entire design of bitcoin is open source and, thus, is completely transparent and easily accessible.

Bitcoin is a democratic and voluntary form of money. The role the Internet plays for providing information is the same the role Bitcoin plays for payment transactions. Every unit of Bitcoin (abbreviated “BTC”) is unique and unforgeable. Bitcoins can be received and sent anywhere in the world at very little cost. Paying bills, sending money to family or friends abroad, receiving payments is now possible with Bitcoin in a simple, safe and democratic manner.

Sources and further information:
Ministry of Finance:

Here you will find further information about Bitcoin tax issues inclusive descriptive case examples: Präsentation (Informationsstand Mai 2017)

In case you need any specific tax information about Bitcoin or other digital currencies, we recommend you Steuerberatung Enzinger. The abovementioned presentation has been kindly provided by them.

About us


BTC Management GmbH is an Austrian start-up company specialized in buying and selling Bitcoin and co. It was established in November 2017 after a long planning phase in coordination with the responsible authority.

BTC Management operates fully automated ATMs: as soon as the payment is confirmed by the machine, bitcoins will be sent automatically. Due to this technique it is possible for us to provide our customers with the best and quickest service possible. We provide solely two-way-machines, which means you can buy and sell bitcoins.


Why should you buy at an ATM?

  • Simple and straightforward purchase process
  • you get bitcoins instantly
  • The cheapest, safest and fastest possibility to buy bitcoins in Austria.
  • Personal support during the buying process
  • Requirements?
    All you need is a digital wallet where the ATM will send you your bitcoins. Usually our customers use a mobile wallet on their smartphone. You still don't have a mobile wallet? We can gladly advise you on choice of the proper wallet on the spot and help you with the installation.

    How it works

    It has never been so easy to buy and sell bitcoins. In the following videos Edi Finger jun. will explain how fast and easy you can exchange money into bitcoin with our ATM.



    Our locations

    You will find our ATMs at the following locations.

    You want to put up an ATM at your store or know a suitable location for it? We are the right company for you.
    Contact us via email or the contact form and we will process your request without delay.

    1010 Wien1020 Wien1030 Wien1050 Wien1060 Wien1070 Wien1100 Wien1110 Wien1150 Wien1160 Wien1190 Wien1200 Wien1210 wien1220 Wien1230 Wien2000 Stockerau2115 Ernstbrunn2130 Mistelbach2201 Hagenbrunn2232 Deutsch Wagram2334 Vösendorf2345 Brunn am Gebirge 2512 Tribuswinkel2514 Möllersdorf2540 Bad Vöslau2700 Wiener Neustadt3100 St.Pölten3130 Herzogenburg3304 Sankt Georgen am Ybbsfelde3430 Tulln3500 Krems an der Donau 3710 Ziersdorf3744 Stockern3830 Waidhofen3920 Groß Gerungs4020 Linz4030 Linz4040 Linz4210 Unterweitersdorf4312 Ried in der Riedmark4810 Gmunden4840 Vöcklabruck5020 Salzburg5110 Oberndorf bei Salzburg5202 Neumakrt am Wallersee6060 Hall7000 Eisenstadt7343 Neutal8010 Graz8020 Graz8054 Graz8081 Heiligen Kreuz8344 Bad Gleichenberg8605 Kapfenberg8642 St.Lorenzen im Mürztal8700 Leoben8724 Spielberg8811 Scheifling9020 Klagenfurt9130 Poggersdorf9220 Velden9400 Wolfsberg9500 Villach9560 Feldkirchen9800 Spittal an der Drau


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    BTC Management GmbH

    Wollzeile 11 / 2. OG
    1010 Wien


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    +43 (0) 664 - 419 07 78

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    BTC Management GmbH

    Wollzeile 11 / 2. OG
    1010 Wien

    +43 (0) 664 - 419 07 78

    UID: ATU72947029
    Register number: FN 482215s

    Place of jurisdiction: Wien
    Chief Executive Officer: Michael Preiss
    Line of business: The trade in goods of any kind
    Chamber affiliation: Wirtschaftskammer Wien

    Terms and Conditions
    Disclaimer & Privacy Policy